.klatz Bracelet Smartwatch And Handset

Smart Bracelet

Smart Bracelet

Nowadays, technology and fashion industry go hand in hand and .klatz Bracelet Smartwatch is its great example. This smartwatch is a smart bracelet with LED display that transforms into handset when open to receive calls. Don’t relate and mix it with the other Smartwatch like pebble, moto 360, etc, those smartwatches don’t give you a smarty look instead of it you look funny when you bring your wrist close to your face in order to receive call.

This bracelet design Smartwatch has 12×32 LED curved display that can transforms into handset by flipping it. The display shows you not only the time but also show you phone alert like incoming call, messages, and email notifications. Now you don’t even need to dig out your pocket or bag to receive the call, just doubles the .klatz bracelet and answer the call. As far as the other features are concerned, it has long battery life with standby time up to 10 days. You can even control volumes of your headset, play/pause sound tracks.

The design of the bracelet is made by Minimalist Art which has given it a new stylish look. Klatz smart bracelet comes with a sleek stand for charging, so that it can be used as both wearable bracelet and an elegant desk accessory.

.klatz Smart Bracelet is planned to be release in the next spring but to achieve this it still needs some more fund to produce it on a mass scale and designing client applications for iOS and Android. However, 90% of device engineering is complete and the pledge that an Early birds can pay is set to $99 to get a .klatz bracelet in the next spring while the regular backers would pay for $139.

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