KAOSSILATOR – Korg Synthesizer

KAOSSILATO Korg Synthesizer

For those who like to be creative with all sorts of musical instruments and synthesizers, the KAOSSILATOR will take you one step ahead in creating all sorts of musical sounds in rhythmic patterns and that as well in the same fashion in which natural instruments are played. The Korg synthesizer is one great tool when it comes to creating your own patterns and blending several layers into a single multi sequential pattern. If this doesn’t make much sense then watch the video below.

The Korg synthesizer is a complete portable music synthesizer which runs on 4 x AA batteries with an approximate running time of 5 hours with alkaline batteries. The Kaossilator is supplied with a set of test batteries so you can get used to the device before you can make your own sequences. The touch pad lets you create your own musical and rhythmic phrases in nearly 100 synth programs such as leads, basses, realistic instrument sounds, playable drums and drum patterns. Each phrase that you enter in the Korg Synthesizer, it stacks it right at the top and with the flexibility of adding multiple phrases, the Kaossilator becomes a very powerful yet very simple device to operate either by a newbie or a professional.

The Korg Kaossilator has almost 31 patterns which lets you make and play a very wide variety of phrases. The loop recording feature allows you to overdub multiple phrases and hence create complete grooves in a snap. With nearly 50 different types of gate arpeggiation you are able to perform complex rhythmic patterns without any prior experience in this field.

You can even connect your Kaossilator to any sound system via RCA cables or simply plug in your headphone to listen to your own sweet creation. Overall the Korg Synthesizer is a very powerful device packed in a very compact body yet very much capable of performing tasks which were done by those bulky and costly instruments. We rate it 8/10 for compact size, low price and a set of handy features.

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