iPod Tailgator – Speaker Docking Station

Featuring the iPod Tailgater, an iPod speaker docking station that plays all your iPod music where ever you want. Packed in cool looking black casing and not as bulky as other iPod docks, it looks great and catches attention of lots of folks around.

iPod Tailgator - iPod speaker docking station

iPod Tailgater is a product by ION. Although it is not as powerful as its brother IPA03 portable PA system, but due to its compact size and easy portability, it becomes very favorite among many music hungry folks. The ION Tailgator weighs under 26 lbs and measures 18 x 14 x 18 inches. It comes in a heavy duty construction and has a nice looking carrying handle on its top.

Since it is an iPod docking station, iPods can be placed on the top in a slightly declined position. The iPod dock is compatible with iPod Nano 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th gen, iPod Classic, iPod touch and iPod Mini using dock connectors. It is as simple as plug and play.

The Tailgator comes attached with a completely maintenance free rechargeable battery which when fully charged gives a playback time of as long as 10 hours depending upon the volume settings. The battery takes almost 12 hours to charge completely. TheiPod docking station also has a battery level indicator which indicates how much battery is remaining before you have to charge it again.

The ION Tailgator also has a microphone input jack plus few additional instrument tacks for connecting other instruments such as electric guitars, pianos etc. Plus you can even connect other MP3 players via RCA cables. TheiPod dock Tailgator comes with all the necessary equipment to set this to work in no time. It comes with an instruction manual, microphone with cable and a power cable.

It is a complete portable iPod docking and PA system enclosed in a single structure that is durable enough to last for plenty of trips to anywhere you like. Because of its cool appearance and compact size, we rate thisiPod speaker docking station 7/10.

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