Intel’s MICA Is A Smart And Expensive Bracelet for $500

MICA bracelet

MICA bracelet

It might look like an expensive bracelet and it actually is made that way. The MICA is an expensive wearable smart bracelet that almost anyone can have because all the need to have is $500 which is the price for this fashion gadget. It is powered by Intel and other than the aesthetics, it is equipped with some handy features as well.

With the MICA (My Intelligence Communication Accessory), users will be able to make use of more or less the same features that are found in an expensive smart watch. It has a curved touchscreen display where you can view notifications such as reminders for meetings, messages and various kinds of alerts that the user can configure.

The intelligent smart bracelet MICA is crafted from premium grade 18K gold coating which is of course reflected on the price tag. It comes connected with AT&T mobile broadband network and 2-year contract with every purchase.

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