iMSO-104 Turns Your iPad iPhone iPod into Oscilloscope System

iMSO-104 Oscilliscope Accessory Kit

Oscium and just introduced the first mixed signal oscilloscope for iOS devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhones etc. The iMSO-104 is the smallest and cheapest oscilloscope system in the world that attaches to your iOS device and turns it in to a fully functional and cost effective oscilloscope system for students, technicians and engineers. More details about iMSO-104 are as under.

iMSO-104 Oscilliscope Accessory Kit

Your iOS device needs to be running iOS version 3.1.3 or above in order to benefit from this handy oscilloscope accessory kit. The iMSO-104 is a mixed signal oscilloscope. The kit includes the oscilloscope hardware, 1x/10 analog probe, logic harness (4 x digital, 1 x ground), SMD grabbers (4 x digital, 1 x ground), 2 x analog tip covers and a screwdriver for adjusting analog waveform compensation.

iMSO-104 Oscilliscope system

The iMSO App is available for FREE download so you can give it a test run before investing in this kit. The iMSO-104 oscilloscope system kit is available for a price of $297.99 which by no means is cheat for an iPad/iPhone/iPod accessory but considering the fact that actual oscilloscopes are worth $1000 and above, the price is not that high. The stock of first batch of the iMSO-104 oscilloscope systems has already depleted so you might have to wait till 20th May 2011 for new batch to arrive.

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