Improve Your WiFi Securing Using Wallpaper



A French team of researchers from an Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble in collaboration with Centre Technique du Papier has introduced a unique wallpaper that is used to ensure the WiFi security within the vicinity of an office area. The key idea is to restrict all the WiFi signals within the building and blocks the signal to go outside or enter other WiFi signals inside.

The idea is best suited for an office building where wireless internet security is must and is the simplest tool ever to restrict wireless signals. But this doesn’t mean that it would create any hindrance for cellular signals; actually the wallpaper pattern is designed to block only few bands of WiFi signals and the cellular signals including radio waves can easily get through the paper.

As far as its availability to consumer market is concerned, the wallpaper is currently being licensed to a Finnish manufacturer for production and will hopefully be available by the next year at price of traditional mid-range wallpaper.

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