iControlPad – Gaming Pad for Your iPhone and iPod

iControlPad iPhone Gamepad

If you find it difficult to play games on the touch screen of your iPhone and iPod then chances are that this new gaming pad by iControlPad will work like a charm for you. If lets you pop in your iPhone or iPod into it and turn your iPhone into an ultimate gaming machine.

iControlPad iPhone Gamepad

The guys at iControlPad have tried it in the past but this time it looks like though they have finally made up their mind in sending this gamepad into mass production. This unofficial iPhone gaming pad even has its own battery which according to the designer will increase the battery time of your iPhone and will allow you to play games for longer.

Currently no information is made public on pricing and official release date but we have a thinking that this handy gamepad by iControlPad will be out pretty soon and will not cost too much specially to those who spend many hours playing games on their iPhone and iPods. iControlPad is available for $74.99 only and if you want to grab a hold of it, you better order one soon as only 3000 units will be manufactured and sold in the first phase.

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