I Sight Twin LED – A Hands-Free Torch

I Sight Twin LED

I Sight Twin LED

I Sight Twin LED is a perfect gadget for those who want to do work in dark or late night. Its a hands- free torch which easily fixes around your ears just like your Bluetooth Headset and gives accurate vision of your desired object.

Using this I Sight Twin LED one can easily get rid of his obsolete flashlight which needs to hold and become difficult in areas where you have to use your hands. By fixing it around your ears will shine a light wherever you turn your head, you may also adjust it by LED arm swings up and down and adjust it from side to side. It is built with high-power LEDs which have 100,000 hours worth of light, and give you the option of green or white light. The I Sight Twin LED is now available at price of $5.

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