How Google Smart Contact Lens Measures Glucose Levels ?

Smart Contact lens

Smart Contact lens

Google[x] team has just revealed what has been in the works. It is smart Contact Lens that is capable of measuring user’s glucose levels without going into piercing yourself with a needle and feeding a drop of blood to a traditional glucometer.

How the Google Smart Contact Lens measures glucose levels is a different story altogether. It makes use of the eye fluids which are always present in a person’s eyeballs. The Google Contact Lens is still in the works and we might have to wait for quite sometimes before we see these available to consumers.

What Google[x] team plans to do is to embed the smart contact lens with micro LEDs that can alert the person if his or her glucose level falls or shoots out of desired ranges. The Google Contact less also has a wireless chip which is probably there to transmit the glucose readings to an external wireless enabled device.

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