Hidden Port In Apple Watch Could Serve For Faster Charging

Reserve Strap

Reserve Strap

May be few of the Apple watch users know that there is a hidden port which is supposed to use for diagnostic purpose. Researchers and developers believe that this port can do a lot more beyond the diagnostic; Reserve Strap is the best example. According to the Reserve Strap makers, by utilizing this hidden port user me able to charge the Apple Watch much faster than the typical Magnetic Charger.

Reserve Strap is such a powerful design that embeds batteries within the straps and Magnetic Inductive Charging at the rest. According to the creators of reserve strap:

“By utilizing this port instead of wirelessly charging, we’ve been able to achieve a higher charge capacity and quicker, more efficient charging times while also improving durability and eliminating any interference with Apple Watch functionality including taptic feedback and heartrate sensors.”

This is just the beginning; creators also believe that this port can be utilized for developing various other accessories other than charging. These straps are now available for pre-orders for $250 on its website but it is still not confirmed that when it will be available for shipping.

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