HEX Watch Bands For iPod nano Only $22.45 After Discount

Hax iPod Nano Watch Band

HEX has just unleashed a custom watch band for the new iPod nano touch so if you happen to own one of those nano pods then you would definitely have one more reason to feel proud of your little gadget as this simple yet very smartly designed watch band will allow you to make the most out of your iPod nano touch.

Hax iPod Nano Watch Band

The HEX watch band for iPod nano comes in nine different colors. From the picture above, you must have realized that it is made of silicone and the pop-in and pop-out design allows you to quickly mount and unmount your iPod nano in a flash. Besides being available in multiple colors and in flexible silicone material, the HEX watch bands have integrated control buttons on sides along with headphone jack opening with cover.

The HEX iPod Nano wrist watch band is currently available for a 10% discount price on regular $24.95 price.

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