HAPIfork Alerts You When You Eat Too Fast And Much More

HAPIfork electronic fork

HAPIfork electronic fork

HAPIfork is one of a kind of an electronic fork that alerts the user if he or she is not eating food the way it is meant to be eaten to stay healthy. What the HAPIfork does is that it lights up and also vibrates if the user is eating his meal too fast.

It takes an average of 15 to 20 minutes to feel satisfied so by slowing down, you are likely to consume less calories. This is not the only thing HAPIfork is capable of doing. The HAPIfork comes with its downloadable app for both iOS and Android with which users will be able to monitor real time statistics for their eating cycles.

With the built-in Bluetooth, the HAPIfork connects with our smartphone or tablet and you will be able to learn many interesting things such as how long you take to eat your meals. the no. of folk servings per minute, intervals between fork servings, you success rate etc.

The HAPIfork has built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery and weighs only 0.14 lbs. For those interested, the HAPIfork comes with a price tag of $99 only, see details.

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