Halo Bicycle Lock With Theft Alert via Wi-Fi

Halo Bicycle lock - Wi-Fi bicycle lock

Well this might sound like a costly idea but not for the man who is behind this innovative design of Halo bicycle lock. The Halo bicycle lock works the same way other bicycle locks work plus it does slightly more by alerting the bicycle owner on his/her smartphone if someone tries to mess with their bicycle.

Halo Bicycle lock - Wi-Fi bicycle lock

The Halo bicycle lock has a built-in Wi-Fi feature that is called Eye-Fi. When this Halo lock is applied to any parked bicycle that is within an active wireless hot-spot and if then someone tries to tamper the Halo lock, the built-in Wi-Fi will immediately alert the bicycle owner about this incident in progress so that he/she can take measures to prevent it.

The design of the Halo bicycle lock might not look very attractive but this might turn out to be one smart move in lowering the prices of all sorts of bicycle locks. We have not yet received any information about pricing or whether the Halo bicycle lock will ever go into mass production.

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One response to “Halo Bicycle Lock With Theft Alert via Wi-Fi”

  1. go for it. put it in bike shops its needed
    I am using a trip alarm now. lot of good
    that does if im in a store.
    need to carry a beeper or something that alerts me

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