Griffin MultiDock Charges Up To 10 Devices Simultaneously

Griffin MultiDock Charging station

Griffin MultiDock Charging station

Griffin MultiDock provides one solution for simultaneously charging nearly all USB powered gadgets such as phones, tablets, mp3 players, eBook readers etc. As seen in the picture above, there is plenty of room for 10 devices.

The Griffin MultiDock automatically senses the power profile of the connected gadget and assigns up to 10 watts of power for charging individual devices. You can even stack up to 3 Griffin MultiDocks to charge up to 30 devices simultaneously.

There are LED lights which indicate charging status of each device plus you do not have to worry about your device overheating during charging as there is plenty of room available for air to flow through the front and rear face of the MultiDock.

The only thing that is going to hold you back from getting the Griffin MultiDock is its price. Currently the Griffin MultiDock sells at a retail price of $699.99 only. Available at Amazon for a much lower price, see details.


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