Get Spooky with Kaspa Ghost Lamps

This ghost like lights will get you more spooky specially during the Halloween. These are just like any other table or ceiling lamps and are capable of glowing handsomely specially in total darkness. If you like to scare some of the younger folks with this ghost lights then you might want to have a close look at some of these.

Kaspa Ghost light

These Kaspa Ghost lamps are available in two versions. They are available as ceiling lamps where they can be hung to the ceiling and surprise few of the unwanted strangers or your favorite friends. Or they can be used at table lamps ans these Kaspa lights do not require any base to stand still. They are designed in a way that they also look very cool when used as table lamps. Either way they look very cool and only require a 20 W bulb.

These Kaspa lights are self luminous i.e after you turn off the power, the ghost — I mean the lamp still continues to glow for almost an hour until its light is completely diminished. These Kaspa lamps measure 24cm (W) x 24cm (H) x 24cm (D) only and you will hardly find a spot in your house where you can not fit these spooky little characters. These ghost lights come with all the necessary fittings. You only need to get your own bulb !

Ghost Lamps photos

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  1. I am contemplating getting one (contacted the designer and everything) but haven’t seen any evidence online of anyone actually owning one.

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