Genius Ring Mouse 2 : One Ring For All Controls

Ring Mouse 2

Ring Mouse 2

The Genius Ring Mouse 2 has been made available now with a slight tweaking to the existing Ring Mouse design as well as functionality. The Ring Mouse 2 is powered by a compact size battery that can be charged via USB cable that comes with it. The Genius Ring Mouse 2 has more detailed set of controls as compared to the previous version. With this Ring Mouse users will be able to use the standard left and right mouse finction along with drag, move, scroll, return etc. It has an ergonomic design plus a separate slot for storing its mini USB wireless receiver.

Users will be able to operate the Genius Ring Mouse 2 from up to 10 meters which is ideal for delivering presentations and having complete control over all the aspects of computer interaction. For those interested, the Genius Ring Mouse 2 is available at Amazon (see details) for less than $50 only.

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