GEAR4 Unveils UnityRemote – Universal Remote For iPod iPhone and iPod Touch

UnityRemote iPhone universal remote

There are many similar IR remote accessories in the market for those Apple iGadgets but the one shown in the picture below is unique in the sense that it can replace all kinds of IR remote and allows you to control your devices such as TV or DVD player from your iPhone, iPod or even an iPod touch gadget. It is called UnityRemote accessory.

UnityRemote iPhone universal remote
The UnityRemote, universal iPhone remote is a product by Gear4, who is one of the leading companies that manufacturers top of the line iPod accessories. The UnityRemote accessory has built-in action features which allows you to perform several tasks simultaneously such as turning ON your TV, DVD player and pop up your desired channel number and this all can be done just with one button press. Users will have the option to create their own custom actions.

The UnityRemote iPhone/iPod accessory runs on 3 x AAA batteries and also supports Bluetooth connectivity. It only measures 51 x 64 mm and just weighs 143 g. It is now shipping for a price of $99 and is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (3rd generation) and iPod touch (2nd generation).

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