Flux Capacitor Doubles As USB Car Charger

Flux capacitor

Flux capacitor

Yes it is the same Flux Capacitor from the movie series Back To The Future but it will not take you to the future nor to the past and I hate to say all this. It is only designed to serve two purpose. One is to charge your USB powered gadgets and the other is to keep your passengers guessing about the cool looking lights on it.

The Flux Capacitor other than its blinking lights works like any other car USB charger. It has two USB charging ports. One is a standard USB with 5V and 1A and the other is 5V and 2.1 A output for quick charging or charging more power hungry gadgets such as your tablets etc. You can charge two USB gadgets simultaneously.

For those interested, they can get the Flux Capacitor USB car charger for $24.99 only at Thinkgeek.

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