FlameStower Will Charge Your Phone When Everything Else Fails

FlameStower USB Charger

FlameStower USB Charger

We have seen all sorts of outdoor cell phone charging devices but FlameStower is one of a kind of USB charging device that uses fire and water to charge not only your cell phone but any other USB powered gadget such as tablets, GPS, cameras etc.

The FlameStower has a thermoelectric generator that converts heat energy into electrical energy which is used to charge your phone. What you just have to do is fill the top container with water and place the metal blade over fire or other heat source. This will start charging your USB device right away.

The team behind FlameStower claims that every 1 minute of charging will yield about 3 minutes of talk time on your cell phone which is not bad when other facilities are not available. The FlameStower is best suited for people who spend most of the time in t he outdoors and off grid.

The FlameStower is designed to last up to 5000 heating and cooling cycles and is currently accepting funding via Kickstarter. When it starts shipping it will cost $80 only.

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