FiLIP Smartwatch Phone For Kids

FLIP smartwatch

FLIP smartwatch

The FiLIP smartwatch is made as a result of collaboration between AT&T and FiLIP with one simple need to address and i.e. keeping your and your kids connected all the time. The FiLIP smartwatch is designed with intelligent emergency calling functionality which when triggered automatically calls up to 5 manually saved numbers and if none are answering then the call is directly connected to emergency services.

The AT&T FiLIP smartwatch phone has GPS and parents can all the time located their kids via FiLIP smartphone app. They can also send text messages to the FiLIP smartwatch and also get alerts if their kids move outside your defined zones.

The new AT&T FiLIP smartwatch will be made available is 4 different colors with price and release date yet to be announced so stay tuned for updates.

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