Dorothy – A Wearable Inspired By The Wizard Of Oz



Technological advancements bring innovations and ideas that would certainly change our life style. Keeping this trend in mind, iStrategyLabs introduced a new prototype wearable device that is inspired by the Wizard of Oz. The device is named as Dorothy; it could rescue you from some awkward situations, which you don’t want to join.

Dorothy is a small device which is made by a small Arduino-based Bluetooth device called Ruby. The device will work when you attach the Ruby to your heels, it triggers by tapping your heels together three times. After that, you could receive a fake call on your phone, the call is a preselect setting for the device using your phone app and is used to show that an emergency has popped up and you need to go. So in that manner, you can get rid of any kind of meeting or situation, which you don’t want to be a part of it.
Furthermore, you can use it to give your location to your friends via the sms, this feature can be used to order a Uber cab when you need a quick getaway.

Ruby is still underdeveloped project because the team is working to reduce its size to one-third of its prototype so that it could nicely fit into the heels or insole. The team is also trying to add some more useful features to this device like emergency pizza ordering and more. Stay tuned to learn more about this amazing project until then watch the demo video below to know its working.

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