Digital Wrist Watch Plus Walkie Talkie

This is a nice little gadget which is not so usual looking Walkie Talkie that is integrated into a digital wrist watch or you can say that the reverse is also true. Having a gadget like this can bring the inner 007 out of almost anyone.

Voice Activated (VOX) Walkie Talki Watch With Red Backlight

Despite the fact that it has a communication range of 1 mile with voice activation (VOX) feature, this gadget does not look that bulky considering the fact that you will find many wrist watches weighing more than 350 gm. It is also equipped with a red back light which will allow you to view the LCD display even at nights. It comes with rechargeable batteries and charging adopter for each watch. It has a total of 8 channels (Europe) available. It has a small speaker plus it comes with a 2.5 m earphone which you can use if you do not want others to listen to your conversation. Other features include channel scan and lock ability, call alert signal/button for urgent calls and of course a small antenna that can be folded back into the watch.

Available in :

UK(similar) USA

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