Digital Drum Kit – Ion iED05 USB Drum Kit

If you ever wanted to have your own drum kit then now is the chance. The Ion iED05 is a digital drum kit with all the features of a complete drum kit. Unlike other bulky drum kits, this Ion iED05 is a USB drum kit and it does not take much space as well.

Digital drum kit - Ion IED05 USB drum kit

This digital drum kit has an adjustable drum stand measuring 90 W x 100 H x 40cm D. The drum kit is easy to assemble, store and transport. It comes with complete adjustable drum rack so that the drummer can raise it for the optimal position. This is a USB drum kit, it is smaller than conventional acoustic drum kits. It has a USB interface box which connects the drum kit to your computer via USB cable.

So you will not be disturbing your neighbor with this digital drum kit as all the sound that you are going to generate will be coming from the speakers connected to your computer. You can lower the volume so that it does not reach outside your room. If that doesn’t sound good then there is also a headphone input so you can wear headphones and make this a virtually silent drum kit for others.

This USB drum kit comes with all the necessary software, cable, stand, pads, pedals, USB interface box, drumsticks and instruction manual. The software contains over 150 sound combinations and 17 sound banks. The software also contains several easy to follow tutorials to get you started. This USB drum kit software offers advanced sampling technology which produces high quality audio.

The USB drum kit has a very minimum system requirement and if you even have a very old computer then you would still be able to get this digital drum kit to work with your computer. It runs on both USB 1.1 and 2.0 and requires that you at least have a sound card and disc drive. The software will run smoothly on systems with memories 128 MB or above.

Above all this is a very handy digital drum kit and because of a very low price and compact installation, we rate this drum kit 8/10.

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