Delorean Hard Drive Car 500GB For $250

Delorean Hard Drive Car 500GB For $250

Talking about computer USB gadgets that can really come in handy, this Delorean Car inspired by the “Back To The Future” time Machine has impressed us in every aspect. The Delorean car comes from none other than Flash Rods, who specializes in making all sorts of hard drive cars with of course a nice looking price tag.

Delorean Hard Drive Car
500GB hard drive car

The Delorean is a stainless steel hard drive car having 500GB of capacity which can be used for storing lots of data whenever you need it. As the pictures above suggest, the Delorean is a highly detailed car that has gull wing doors and a hood that actually opens to reveal what’s inside. The 500GB hard drive car even has a fusion reactor to impress some kids in the neighborhood.

The 500GB hard drive is nicely integrated into this car and after looking at every possible angle we were still not able to recognize where it was. The Delorean Hard drive car comes with a high speed USB cable to hook this drive to your computer or laptop. The hard drive car of course does not come cheap and is available for a price of $250 which by no means is cheap for a 500GB / USB 2.0 hard drive but if you consider all the wheels , metal and other details, the price looks quite practical.

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