Dash is First Wireless Smart Headphone by BRAGI LLC

Dash smart headphone

Dash smart headphone

Dash is a new concept wireless smart headphone initially introduced at Kickstarter platform and so far has managed to acquire over $2 million in funding and still going strong. It is a product by BRAGI LLC and what this small pair of headphone does is simply remarkable.

The Dash has a built-in MP3 player, microphone, sports watch, 4GB internal storage etc. It works as an in hear headphone and is also a Bluetooth headset. A part from all these features, the Dash wireless headphone is your fitness companion as well. It tracks your heart rate and other body vitals which you can view either in real-time on later on your smartphone via its dedicated mobile app.

It comes with three different size sleeves and the internal battery can last up to 3 hours while complete charging takes less than an hour. With all these interesting features and capabilities the Dash does not come cheap and will have a minimum retail price of $500 only.


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