Cubify 3D Printer on Pre-Order For $1299

Cube 3D Printer

Cube 3D Printer

The 3D printer that we saw earlier this year is finally available to consumers on pre-order. For those who missed out on what the Cubify 3D printer can do they should know that this 3D printer is capable of printing simple to complex 3D objects in a matter of minutes and that as well to the highest level of perfection that it can achieve in home 3D printing.

The Cubify 3D printer is about 9.5 lbs in weight without the cartridge and is based on plastic jet printing (PJP) technology. It makes use of cartridges, one of which is good enough to make up to 14 medium size 3D objects at home. The 3D printer is fully automatic; you just have to design your 3D model through the software that comes with it. Then you can either send the design via WiFi or connect your computer with the provided USB cable and begin print. The Cubify 3D printer currently supports layer thickness as thin as 250 microns or 0.01 inch.

For those interested, the Cubify 3D printer is available on Pre-Order for about $1,299 only which is not a bad deal considering the fact that even smallest commercial scale 3D printers cost more than $10,000 each.

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