Cool Perch Mobile Wireless Speaker by Quirky

Perch Mobile Wireless Speaker

For those who think that their existing speaker dock for phones is cool, they better think twice after having a look at the Perch Mobile Wireless Speaker docking station that looks like a mini bench but only for your lovely cell phone to have some rest while charging and to stay connected with the integrated speakers.

Perch Mobile Wireless Speaker
Quirky Perch Wireless Mobile speaker

This Perch Mobile wireless speaker is designed for iPhone, iPod and even your Blackberry phones. Plus you can even connect other portable media players and other multimedia gadgets to it. The charging base serves as the charging station while the wireless speaker connects to your device via built-in Bluetooth and plays your favorite music.

To further add to its awesomeness, there is also a microphone in the Perch Mobile Wireless speaker gadget so that you can even receive and make calls totally handsfree. Currently the Perch Mobile Wireless speaker is available on Pre-Order at Quirky for a price of $179.99 only.

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