Convert Your iPhone4/4S or iPhone 5 into Camcorder

iPhone camcorder dock

iPhone camcorder dock

Some will claim that the title is a bit misleading but it is not. The idea has been realized by Shanghai Donya and with their product DN-84841, iPhone users will be able to slide in their iPhones and shoot videos just like the way it is done in conventional camcorders.

This is unlike any other iPhone accessory you can find in the market because as soon as you slide in your iPhone, iPhone picture and video shooting mode is activated. With its 3 built-in buttons, users can take pictures and shoot videos with almost no image shakes, thanks to the ingenious design.

The Shanghai Donya DH-84841 iPhone camcorder dock is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Too bad it is only available in Japan for approximately $20.


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