Control Your Home Gadgets From Anywhere Using iPhone

iRemocon Remote Control Gadget

Glamo has recently introduced a cool gadget in Japan to control home gadgets using your iPhone. The device is a box named as iRemocon and is installed on your iPhone in just few minutes. All you need to connect the iRemocon via Wireless LAN network, then beam your TV, AC, Hi-Fi remote control data to your iRemocon and install its application on your iPhone. You may also install it on your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch, iPad, iPad 2 having wireless network.

iRemocon Remote Control Gadget

After loading the application you can able to control your home gadgets from anywhere. You can also customize the Remote skin using the available choices. Timer option is also available in the device so that you can send the control commands in advance then the requests will be automatically executed on the specified times. It is available via Gamo’s Amazon store page at price of 26,800 Yen.

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