Cloudia Multimedia Digital Photo Frame by Muzee

Cloudia Multimedia Portable Digital frame

Lots of interesting gadgets are being showcased at Computex 2011. One of them is called Cloudia by Muzee, which is a multipurpose digital portable photo frame that also serves as a portable media player. With a 7” TFT touch screen and an attractive looking housing, we have a feeling that people might use it more as a portable device rather than a digital photo frame resting on their desks. More details about Muzee Cloudia can be found below.

Cloudia Multimedia Portable Digital frame

As some of you might have guessed, the Cloudia runs Android 2.2 OS and is powered by an 800MHz processor along with 512MB DDR2 RAM. Internal storage is just 2GB. We could not find any info about an external memory card slot but if this is the case then this is huge disappointment as most of the portable media players these days have got at least a microSD card slot. Other features of Cloudia multimedia digital photo frame include Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, built-in speakers, headphone jack, remote control etc. The Muzee Cloudia weighs about 485 g and will get you connected to a variety of Internet clouds such as Internet Radio, Video, Internet TV, Magazine, e-Book, Internet digital photo frame etc.

According to Muzee, the Cloudia multimedia digital photo frame will be released by July-Aug 2011 with price yet to be announced.

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