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ChargeCard USB Charging Card Shipping Now For $25

ChargeCard USB Charger

ChargeCard is another Kickstarter project that has become a reality. It is not a portable power bank neither it provides backup power in fact it is an alternate for those snake like USB charging cables for Android and iPhones. It has high current carrying capacity up to 3.1 Amps or 3100 mA. The ChargeCard is about 2.54 mm thick and can easily be placed in your wallets, pockets, books or even inside your cell phone cases. You just have to take out your ChargeCard hook it up with your device and insert the USB side of the ChargeCard to any USB charging adopter usually found everywhere now.

There are three versions of ChargeCards available (see details). One for iPhone 4, one for iPhone 5 and one for Android devices that has a micro USB connector. All the models are shipping for $25 a piece plus FREE world wide shipping.