Change your Smartphones to Gaming Pads Using Stick-On Buttons

tactile+plus stick-on buttons

A Japanese retailer Tokimeki Mall, has introduced a Tactile+Plus stick-on button for smartphones. It would be a great tool for game lovers because these stick-on buttons results in fast moving action accurately while playing games on smartphone or on iPhones.

tactile+plus stick-on buttons

These stick-on buttons easily stick to the screen of smartphone, it can also be called as D-pad with respect to its shape. The pad has nine dot circles and four extra plastic wraps which provides accuracy of moving object while playing. The plastic nubbins on the pad provide conductive path between screen and fingers.

On the whole, these Tactile+Plus stick-on buttons provide feelings of gaming pad due to good moving control sources provided on the pad. The stick-on-buttons are available at the above mentioned Japanese retailer at price of ¥630, or around $7.80.

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