Bluesmart Presents World’s First Connected Suitcase

bluesmart connected luggage

bluesmart connected luggage

According to what the video suggests and all the claims, the Bluesmart is world’s first connected suitcase that has a lot of handy features added to it. You can control as well as track your Bluesmart suitcase. It looks likes an ordinary carry-on suitcase but do not be fooled by its ordinary looks. The Bluesmart is meant to change the way you travel.

Unlike other carry-on suitcases, the Bluesmart suitcase is controlled as well as tracked by a mobile app. You can even lock and unlock it from your mobile, track your traveling patterns and even weight how much stuff you are carrying.

The Bluesmart carry-con suitcase can easily be tracked with your mobile. Another handy feature is its built-in battery which can be used to charge your phones up to 6 times which is a big plus. The Bluesmart when made available will have a price tag of $235.

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