Biometric Wallet by Dunhill with Fingerprint Recognition Costs $825

Biometric Wallet

Get ready to be shocked as wallets have taken a sharp turn towards technology or we can say weirdness as Dunhill has released its new Biometric wallet that will only open once the owner has swiped his/her finger on it and will also alert the owner in case someone tries to steal and run away with your hard earned cash and credit cards.

Biometric Wallet
Dunhill Biometric wallet

Dunhill claims their Biometric wallets to be virtually indestructible as these are made from carbon-fiber which is extremely difficult to tear apart. Other than the fingerprint scanner on this wallet, this wallet also has the ability to connect with the owner cell phone via Bluetooth and alert him/her when the wallet is taken more than 5 meters away from the cell phone.

This seems like a nice little invention by Dunhill but the question rises in your mind as who will be willing to pay about $825 for a biometric wallet. The Dunhill biometric wallet also has slots for business cards, credit cards along with a very durable stainless steel clip for holding your cash.

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