Bicycle Phone Charger Kit by Nokia

nokia bike charger

Recently Nokia unveiled a unique gadget the Nokia bicycle charger kit which helps you to boost your phone while cycling. Since bicycles are the most cheapest and common transport, so now it becomes possible to charge your phone while traveling on two wheels.

nokia bike charger

The Nokia bicycle charger kit consists of:

• Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14
• Nokia Phone Holder for Bicycle CR-124
• Bottle Dynamo

The phone is charged by the motion of pedals and the minimum speed required for charging is 6km/hr, at this speed the dynamo (electric generator) generates power which supplies to the phone via charger. The dynamo is attached to the bicycle’s fork and as pedals move the electricity generated by the dynamo transfers to the charger placed on the handler and then charge your Nokia phone through2mm jack. In order to secure the dynamo and charger a phone holder consists of two small brackets is also provided with the kit.

Though the price of this bicycle charger kit is not confirmed but it is expected that its price at about $18 and will be available on Nokia online and Nokia phone retailers by the end of this year.

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