BeoSound 8 – Speaker Dock For iPhone, iPod and iPad

Beosound 8 Speaker Dock

For those of you who have all the iGadgets and are looking for a single external speaker accessory for all the gadgets then you need not to look further as the new Bang & Olufsen tool, the BeoSound 8, which is s speaker dock for iPods, iPhones as well as iPads has made its way to the surface.

Beosound 8 Speaker Dock
This external speaker dock comes either in white or black with aluminum detailed controls. You can also get different color speaker covers to match your room or taste. The BeoSound 8 dock is not only designed to be used as a table top gadget but it can also be hung on a wall or left on the floor to do the trick. It has adjustable holders for all the iGadgete. You only need to power it from an electricity outlet.

The BeoSound 8 can also be connected to a computer. Price of this gadget is not low with a retail price of £895 or roughly $1000. We have a feeling not a huge number of audience would be interested in an iPad accessory that would cost twice that price of their iGadget.

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