Avi-on Is the First Movable Light Switch

avion movable switch

avion movable switch

The Avi-on is what is claimed to be the world’s first movable light switch that does not require any wires and can be placed as far as 100 feet away from the light to be switched. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect with other Avi-on devices.

Since the Avi-on wireless movable switch communicates over Bluetooth, it needs to have a battery which it has got and a pretty good one too that is claimed to last up to 3 years or more of usage. According to the source, the Avi-on Bluetooth wireless switch can be programmed with its mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS devices.

With the Avi-on mobile app users will be able to program the movable switch and set switching schedules. The switch will also allow you to dim the light provided that it has the necessary peripheral already plugged in. The Avi-on wireless movable switch is not a ready product and currently seeks crowd funds to make it a reality. More about it in the video below.

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