Archos Intros VR Glasses With Super Cheap Price Tag

Archos VR Glasses

Archos VR Glasses

After the top players had their fair amount of attention for their designed piece of head mounted virtual reality gadgets, Archos decided it is time to reveal the world of what it calls the Archos VR Glasses, we still believe that Google Cardboard VR glasses offer equal experience. Archos aims that one simply does not require expensive virtual reality head mounts and all that is required is a mid-range smartphone.

The Archos VR glasses will let you slide your Android smartphone and dig deep into the virtual reality world of gaming, videos and apps. It can have up to 6-inch smartphone but Archos suggests that for optimum experience a quad-core smartphone with 5-inch display would do the job.

The main center of attraction for the Archos virtual reality glasses is its very low price tag. It has a retail price of $29.99 only which we believe is pretty hard to beat.


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