Archos Basic Smartwatch Is Priced At $50

Archos $50 Smartwatch

Archos $50 Smartwatch

Archos rushed at the recently held CES with different line of smart watches among them is a $50 smartwatch. It was projected as a basic smartwatch at the show and is targeted for the class of people who are interested to keep every kind of smart devices keeping their budget under control.

Despite of showing time and date, Archos $50 smartwatch is a low-tech device which comes with a 1.55-inch non-capacitive e-ink screen, makes you alert all the time by displaying notifications from your phone and allow you to control music playback.

What Archos has in mind is to introduce this smartwatch with different packaging which will definitely makes difference in prices too. For instance; color model with 1.8-inch capacitive screen for $100 and an aluminum-cased version for $130. But before that Archos has plan to launch the Basic $50 smartwatch first during this summer and then go for the variations.

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