Amazon Echo : Your New House Mate

amazon echo

amazon echo

Amazon today announced its latest product, the Amazon Echo. When you look at it, the Amazon Echo looks no more than just a regular speaker that you can place anywhere in your house but it has a lot of features which makes it a very smart and interactive speaker that you can find these days.

The Amazon Echo is always connected to the cloud and will also respond your your voice commands such as you can ask the Echo as it can hear you from across the room, thanks to its 7 microphones carefully placed. It will tell you news, weather, time and you can also ask anything you want to know. It will fetch the information from the cloud.

The Amazon Echo connect to the home WiFi network and you can even set it up wit it dedicated smartphone app. You can set it ti stream your favorite music, read news and articles from the web.

Currently the Amazon Echo is offered for $99 to those who already have Amazon Prime subscription, more details on Amazon Echo official page.

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