Airtame : HDMI Screen-Mirroring Dongle Quite Versatile

Airtame HDMI

Airtame HDMI

Unlike many others who have been highly anticipating the Google Chromecast dongle to start shipping worldwide, the Airtame HDMI dongle which is slightly more expensive but does a lot more offers a lot more in terms of functionality.

For those who are not aware, the Airtame is an HDMI dongle that has screen-mirroring abilities from a variety of platforms. Team behind Airtame HDMI dongle claims that it also suited for gaming with much lower delay times than what competitors offer.

Users can use Airtame HDMI dongle to mirror screen from their computers running OS, Windows or Linux. The dongle equally works for tablets and smartphoens with dedicated apps. Users will also be able to mirror to other computers thanks to its dual-band WiFi and dual-core processor.

The Airtame HDMI dongle is currently on pre-order for just $99 where as the Chromecast sells for under $30 (see details).

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