12 LED Lantern > Wind Up LED Lantern

If you are one of those who think that a 12 LED lantern consumes less power and lasts longer then you really need to say good bye to your old LED lanterns that require batteries to be replaced frequently. We have here a Wind up LED Lantern that requires no battery what so ever.

12 LED Lantern that lights without batteries

Just like a wind up walkie talkie, this 12 LED lantern is powered by a dynamo. Just rotate it with a lever for one minute and the lantern give you light for the next 20 minutes. This is one great Eco friendly gadget that you can use in your home, garden, campsite or in any other adventurous trip. It has a handy little carry handle which you can grab and carry this wind up led lantern or hang it any where you like. It also comes with a car charger so that you can charge its internal battery to its maximum. Do not worry, you will never have to replace its internal battery as the power is in your hand.

A small button in the front lets you control the number of LEDs you want to light. Pressing it twice will only light 5 LEDs which meas you can get less light where you want for longer durations.

You can easily get this Wind up 12 LED Lantern for under $20.

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