XO-Infinity Modular Laptop Can Be Used For A Decade

XO-Infinity Modular Laptop

XO-Infinity Modular Laptop

It has been a long time when OLPC (One laptop Per Child) launched a new laptop project. The idea behind the project is to introduce such a laptop that is tiny, affordable and low power for students particularly in developing countries. After launching the first model in 2007, most of the partners left the project but OLPC’s Australian partner One Education has decided to lift it up and brought a new modular design of laptop called XO-Infinity.

The project resembles very much with the Google’s Project Ara but the device category and purpose is different. According to the One Education, the device should be last for a full decade just because of its modular model; for instance; you could get a tablet first for your child having ARM-based chip and Android-based software. As your child becomes elder, you could replace its various components with the required modules to make it a full functional laptop. You can replace or upgrade components including WiFi module, battery, add keyboard; replace processing unit and operating system (Windows or Linux), etc. The design will be so simple that can be even assembled by a 4-year old child as per One Education said.

It is still a prototype but the folks trying to bring it in market in 2016; to do this team is planning to launch crowdfunding campaign so that working model can be shown this year and its mass production could be started afterwards. It would be the great achievement if One Education could reach its desired goal and help students around the globe particularly in developing markets.

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