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Worlds Cheapest Android 4.0 Tablet by HongYuXing $59 Only

HongYuXing Android 4.0 tablet cheap

If you ever wanted to get the feel of Android 4.0 in tablets but do not want to be spending $500+ then here we have for you the world’s cheapest Android 4.0 tablet by HongYuXing. The HongYuXing Android 4.0 tablet has a 7 inch touchscreen display with WVGA 800 x 480 resolution. The device is powered by Allwinner A10 processor of 1.2GHz along with Mali400GPU and support for 2160P video decoding. Expect to play all sorts of 3D games smoothly and also play HD videos without any glitches. The HongYuXing Android 4.0 tablet also has support for Flash and comes with an acceptable front-facing camera.

For those interested, the new HongYuXing Android 4.0 cheap tablet is available in China for about $59 only.


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