Wintel Tablets From Acer And Lenovo To Come In Third Quarter of 2012

Acer And Lenovo Windows 8 Tablet

Acer And Lenovo Windows 8 Tablet

News are floating all around in the tech world for the past few months regarding Windows 8 devices but the intensity keeps on increasing by the start of this year and now here comes another; Lenovo and Acer both are planning to launch a Windows 8 Tablet PC which are named as Wintel just because of unique combination of Intel’s Clover Trail platform and Windows 8 environment.

The tablets are scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2012 after the release of Windows 8 and Intel’s Clover Trail tablet optimized version. The tablets are expecting to target the enterprise market only as the Intel’s Clover Trail is a powerful platform with lots of advanced supports. But whatever be the tablet specs and features, it is certainly said that Microsoft has to do lots of work before the official launch of Windows 8 platform in order to compete in the Android and iOS world of today.

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