Windows 8 Tablet Demo Next Week!

Windows 8

Few months ago we informed you about the concept of Windows 8 Tablet with Metro Interface presented by Microsoft. Microsoft is now going to launch its demo next week but its still not clear that where and who will give the demo, two rumors are circulating that weather the Windows President Steven Sinofsky will present at the All Things D conference or Vice President Steve Guggenheimer will show it at the Computex show in Taipei. Since Sinofsky has done the previous Windows demo so we can say that this time also Sinofsky will present the demo.

Windows 8

Though Microsoft hasn’t reveal much about the demo but according to rumors, the coming Windows 8 Tablet will run on Nvidia Tegra chip based on ARM technology having touchscreen user interface. According to Microsoft Windows 8 will also support Intel and AMD architectures.

It is expecting that the Windows 8 platform will be available during the holiday season of 2012 while its first hands on device will come in January 2013 but these are all hypothesis we should not rely on these and wait until the sure announcement by the Microsoft.

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