Windows 7 Based Dell Inspiron Duo – Tablet + NetBook

Dell Inspiron Duo

Dell has now introduced a new Windows 7 based Tablet named as Dell Inspiron Duo Hybrid Tablet which can work both as tablet and as netbook. This feature makes this tablet unique from other latest tablets from renowned brands. This tablet can be converted into a netbook as a keyboard is build in its design which makes this tablet a netbook.

Dell Inspiron Duo
This tablet seems netbook is designed with stunning advanced features which include:

  • 1366 x 768 display with multi-touch touchscreen
  • Rotatable screen with fixed sides
  • Keyboard
  • Dual-core Atom N550 processor
  • 320 GB hard drive and 2 GB RAM
  • JBL-powered speaker dock (optional)

Another unique design feature of this Dell Inspiron Duo is the rotatable screen which can work while working as netbook, you just need to press the screen button it quickly flips and rotates within the bezel area. This wonderful tablet from Dell is available at Microsoft store at price of $549 and is expected to available soon at Dell website also. Watch the video shown below to get some more information about the Dell Inspiron Duo.

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