Western Digital VelociRaptor Duo 2 TB Storage

WD VelociRaptor Duo HDD

WD VelociRaptor Duo HDD

Looking for top sequential speeds in terms of HDDs, the new Western Digital VelociRaptor Duo might be a nice option. Western Digital has just made the VelociRaptor Duo available which packs 2 x 1TB 10K RPM VelociRaptor hard drives. These might not give you best performance in terms of access times specially in random access mode but are so far unbeaten when we consider their super fast sequential data speeds both read and write.

The Duo offers both RAID 0 and RAID 1 mode leaving it to the users to go for data security, performance and high data rates. The WD VelociRaptor Duo has dual Thunderbolt connectors supporting up to 10Gb/s data transfer in both directions plus allowing the users to connect multiple drives for increased speed and productivity.

Currently the Western Digital VelociRaptor Duo is available at a handsome price of about $899 only at Amazon.com

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