Washable Keyboard With Silver Shield Protection

If you find yourself stuck with your computer more than often then chances are that your keyboard gets dirty all the time due to spills and dust. But that’s not a worry because this washable keyboard is as good as a washable blanket.

Washable keyboard for PC

Designed for desktop computers, this washable keyboard is 100% waterproof and can be put under open tap of water or even dipped in soapy water tub. What’s more interesting is that it can even be used while wet or you can say it can be washed without even unplugging it from your computer. This keyboard even says “Dishwasher Safe” so that you can leave it in a dishwasher without worrying about washing away its alphabets because all the keys are laser etched which will never fade.

This keyboard is also protected with Silver Seal that protects your washable keyboard from Solvents, Salt Water, Disinfectants, Humidity, Abrasives, Dust, Corrosives, Dirt, Sand, Shock, Alkaline, Alcohol, Bleach, Acid and extreme Temperatures.

You can easily get this Washable Keyboard for under £40.

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