Voyo Bring Affordable Mini Windows 8.1 PC

Voyo Mini Mainframe

Voyo Mini Mainframe

Voyo is a Chinese manufacturer mostly famous for its tablets and related devices. Now Voyo introduced a new Mini PC, which runs Windows 8.1 platform. The PC designed like a smart colorful device having 5” x 5” x 0.5” dimensions.

This Mini Mainframe comes with advanced hardware specs that are equivalent to a branded notebook. These specs include:

  • 83GHz quad core Intel Atom Z3735F processor
  • 2GB RAM and 64GB ROM
  • 4K HDMI port
  • 3 USB2.0 ports and 1 microUSB port
  • MicroSD card support up to 128GB
  • Stereo audio jack
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n support

With this new innovation of Voyo PC are changed into both mini and portable forms which removes the gap between tablet PC and desktop. It’s just because the powerful processing unit which has 2 times improved GPU, low power ratings and faster response. By integrating 4K HDMI port, you are now able to connect it with HD displays including, projector, LCD, TV, etc.

This Mini PC by Voyo is available at much affordable price ranges from $140-$160, moreover, you also have color choice as this PC comes in attractive colors blue, yellow, pink, green or white.

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